Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Just photographs

 Pictures about seeing, a bit of adventure and unusual sights from mountains, rivers and deserts.

Here goes:

    Easter Lilies-

Paphiopedilum (or the Lost Orchid) so called as it was not seen for a few decades at the turn of the last century. Khasi Hills, Meghalaya.

Tashigong- Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh. People live here & grow apples!

    At the hottest time of the year in Delhi- Amaltas or the Indian Labernum eases burning eyes.
Mughal Serai at Jehangir Pind between Kapurthala and nakodar in Punjab. They were meant for travellers. The north gate was called always Lahore Gate and the south facing one Delhi Gate.

River weeds for sale. Boku, South Bank of the Brahmaputra, Assam.

Gangbal- a glacial lake in North Kashmir.

Walong- about 50 kms from Tibet, China. A para drop, before a modern highway connects it. Arunachal Pradesh.

Meghalaya- Khasi ladies in somewhat rain proof kiosks.

Cooch Behar palace- North Bengal.

A  carved wood house high up in the hills of Himachal Pradesh.

Bhutan- A dainty house in a vilage near Punakha.

Kashmir-  Tulips.

Manipur- Nagaland NH 39:  Wild cherry tree beyond Kangpokpi.

These air mattresses have been replaced by lighter and fail safe mattresses.

Approaching Takling La (5274 m) on a Himachal - Ladakh route.

Orissa- Bay of Bengal at Santoshpur.  Fishing.

Tezpur-  Sail fishing on the Brahmaputra, Assam. There is a bridge - Kaliabhamora- here now and there's trawler fishing.

Kiagr Tso (4788 m), Ladakh.

Goa- The Basilica of Bom Jesus (1605)

Ice ribbons on the west bank of Lake Mansarovar or Tso Mavang, China.

Kathmandu- Imps monkeying around.

Kashmir- A Gujar family migrates for the winter from the Valley to Punch.

Nambor Forest: A wild elephant on the Numaligarh - Dimapur Road. North East of India.

Kapurthala, Punjab: The Moorish Mosque, built by the Nawab of Bhawalpur (Pakistan) and the Maharaj of Kapurthala in 1933.

Lamkhaga La (5280 m)- Descending to Sangla river. Himachal.

Loading Jute near Dhubri, Assam. Replaced by synthetics.

Robinia Pseudoacacia in Meerut:  A lovely imposing tree that looks a bit like eucalyptus and grows to a height of 18-20 mtrs. In May its covered with white flowers.
And below is one bough laden with white.

The Mighty Brahmaputra-  flows quietly past Guwahati in winter.

Monsoon fecundity: Upper Assam

Snack time on the road to Tashigong, Bhutan.

The road to Gelegphug, Bhutan-Assam border. Those were the days when not a single intefernal combution engine could be seen in a whole day's journey.

Gaon Burah & two Political Interpreters-  The red coats are signs of office. The gntleman in the centre was the head of the large village of Damroh, Yingkiong District, Arunachal.

Diamond Harbour- Early morning.

Dibrugarh: Casting a net hopefully into the waters of the swollen Mighty Brahmaputra.

    'Raja' Wilson's palace (circa 1860)- burnt mysteriosly in the 1990s.

A camp inside the Nanda Devi Sanctuary- now closed for environmental reasons.

Cheni Kothi- A thousand year temple in Kullu, Himachal.

A camp on Chango Glacier. Beyond the col at the back is Tibet's Tsaparang.
Rock Demon or Reo Pargial I (6793 m).

Chango Glacier, Spiti, Himachal.

Kashmir-  snow near Kangan.

Nuang Yang or Shining Lakein NW Burma from Pangsau Pass in E. Arunachal.

One of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism glints on a lonely road to Chorten Kora in Bhutan.

Achabal, Kashmir-  Mughal Garden.

Nur Mahal- The gate to the Mughal Serai near Ludhiana was designed by Mehurinisssa or later Nur Jehan (1577 - 1645) wife of Emperor Jehangir.

Everest from the Delhi - Guwahati flight.

Thick Cane Hats worn by Idu Mishmis of Anini to protect themselves from snakes jumping at them from bushes.

Leh at Sunset.

One going; the other one gone. Gone is this tall poplar lined road to Gulmarg. The tonga- horse drawn carriage- will soon be gone.

View from Hanle Gompa (4570 m) of the Hanle Plain.

 Repairing a bridge over the Dhauli near Seraithota, Garhwal, Uttarakhand.

Mercifully replaced by a conrete bridge. Before this a basket suspended from a wire was the sole means of crossing.

    Deforestation in Arunachal is doing very well. Near Hayuliang.

Jeypore, Upper Assam-  Picking two leave and a bud in a Tea Estate.

Joshimath-  Hers & His on the Pilgrim Trail.

    A Taraon Mishmi-  ancient
    A Taraon Mishmi- modern

Near Chushul, Ladakh.

Nubra, Ladakh.

Waiting for the Ferry and customers to arrive- Neamati Ghat, Jorhat, Assam.

Jog Falls- Karnataka.

Thowra Dhol- an 18th C temple near Sibsagar, Assam.

Wire and planks suspension bridge. More than 100 mtrs long. Over the Siang (Brahmaputra) between Jidu and Tuting, Arunachal.

    Ladakh- Overcrowding because of fewer bus services.

Shipki la-  Trade to Tibet goes through here from Kinnaur in Himachal.

Maibong- A rock cut temple in Haflong district of Assam.

Approaching Lamkhag La (5280 m) from the Harsil side.

Hawai, Arunachal- Mother's little helper.

Fishing in the polluted waters of the Hooghly, near Vidya Sagar Setu, which looks like a butterfly rising. The Old Howrah Bridge is at the back.

The altar at the side chappel of the Bascilica at Sardhana, UP.

    Cosy & contented

Crossing the Tengapani near Chowkham in Lohit, Arunachal.