Sunday, July 6, 2014

World War II souvenirs from the Indo-Burma Border

In the hundreth year of the First World War, the next World War is also getting a lot of attention. 

Seventy years od D Day....... some thing about Iwo Jima.... and even about the Forgotten Army of the Allies that fought in Burma.

Twenty six years ago I was on the Indo-Burma border beyond Tusom Christian in Ukhrul district of Manipur. From a border settlement I had picked up some Japanese WW II currency that was being used even then by some villages on both sides of the border. Tusom Christian was along the attack route, from Homalin in Burma to Jessami in Manipur, of the Japanese 138th Regiment commanded by Col. Torikai  

Some of the paper currency is displayed below:

I had written about it in my book on the North East -Lands of Early Dawn- published twelve years ago. I could not get any more informatin than the scanty one that I had. 

Would any one be able to tell me more about this japanese currency minted especially for use in Burma during their occupation? 
Where was it printed? 
Was it printed before the Japanese invaded Burma? 
Did the Allies destroy it? 
Did it have any value at all after the Japanese left? Its entire history? 

If possible please let me know at too.